About Us

Based in UK, Lagom Essence is a small team passionate about creating natural products in stylish containers that are not only good for your wellbeing but also trendy to have on display. 

Every product we produce adheres to ethical craftsmanship and environmentally sustainable methods.

This means:

We support healthier living

Our candles  are made of 100% natural vegetable wax, pure aromatherapy grade essential oils and chemical free cotton wick. Nothing else. That means:
• No synthetic fragrances
• No added dyes or hidden chemicals
• No nasties

We truly believe that the non-toxic natural ingredients with the added benefit of aromatherapy will help with your general wellbeing.

About Lagom Essence

We support sustainable living

We only use sustainable materials that are healthy to you and your family. That means our candles would never contain cheap toxin-emitting petroleum based paraffin wax. Instead, we are using natural 100% vegetable-based wax, which contains long-lasting and clean burning soy, rapeseed and coconut oil.

Our reed diffusers include a natural base which has been blended with pure therapy grade essential oils. 

We use eco packaging 

We have carefully selected materials for our products and we try to use recycled or recyclable material throughout. In addition, we let you as our customer to choose the amount of packaging you want/need in order to help reducing unnecessary waste. We pass on the saving to you so if you decide to choose less packaging you will ultimately pay less for our products.

We value quality over quantity

We put great emphasis on sourcing supreme materials over cheaper and less quality alternatives. For instance, we would always use more expensive essential oils over less expensive synthetic fragrances that are fabricated and do not hold any aromatherapy effect. 

We want to be transparent about the ingredients in our products and we hope you will find the scent you like from our 100% natural product range.

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