Why we use pure essential oils in candles

Candle makers have the option of choosing between three main oil types for scenting the candles:

  • Synthetic Fragrance Oils - synthetic oils which are not natural at all
  • Nature Identical Oils – also synthetic oils, yet when compared to fragrance oils they have fewer synthetic compounds. The oils mimic the chemical DNA of the original essential oil but they are not extracted from the real plant. As such, they can smell great but they do not offer the same therapeutic properties as essential oils do.
  • Pure Essential Oils – natural all the way as the oils are extracted from real plants. Essential oils offer therapeutic benefits such as lifting or calming your mood.

Essential oils in natural candles

There are many artisan candle makers, who use vegetable wax but still scent their candles using fragrance oils. Using essential oils is less common, mainly because of:

  • cost – essential oils are a lot more expensive, e.g. 100 ml of ylang-ylang fragrance oil costs £9 yet the same amount of quality essential oil can cost up to three times more 
  • complexity – it’s a lot harder to work with essential oils as they are more temperamental 

When we tested different fragrance, nature identical and essential oils in our first candles, we noticed a clear difference between the oils.

After making a few candles using fragrance or nature identical oils we felt we needed to escape the room and get some fresh air as the scent was too overpowering to handle for just a short period of time! You could clearly smell the chemical scent.

However candle creation using essential oils is a real pleasure, as the essence does not over take the room.

This convinced us that besides using plant-based wax we had to focus on using 100% natural essential oils that we enjoy using during candle making and also feel confident in sharing.

Lavender essential oil in non-toxic candles

In addition, we wanted our candles to have pure therapy grade properties and hence we use only 100% non-diluted essential oils to achieve beautiful and just right scent in candles. Our non-toxic candles are scented all the way – meaning every 200gr candle blend includes at least 20gr of pure non-diluted essential oil.

In order to cut down the toxins and indoor pollution at your home, be more inquisitive about the ingredients in your candles and always choose non-toxic aromatherapy candles made with clean-burning vegetable wax, pure essential oils and chemical free wicks.

Why we use pure essential oils in aromatherapy candles