What are natural candles made of

Want to throw out all those toxic candles and replace them with all-natural ones which have a positive impact on your mood?

Here is a quick guide explaining what a 100% candle includes. 

First of all, check the ingredients. That is - if the candle you want to buy even states the ingredients?

There are many candle manufacturers out there, who are not open about the ingredients in their products so be a bit suspicious if they don't provide the list of wax and fragrance used in their candles. 

In a nutshell a natural candle should include just three ingredients: 

  • vegetable wax
  • essential oils
  • cotton or wooden wick

Natural essential oil aromatherapy candle


A lot of candles are made of petroleum based paraffin wax, which is not sustainable and not healthy at all for its toxin-emitting characteristic.

For a natural alternative choose a candle that contains vegetable wax such as:

  • Soy wax
  • Rapeseed wax
  • Coconut wax
  • Beeswax

The vegetable wax produces a clean burn and smell that is not harmful for you to breathe in. 


Is your candle scented using artificial fragrance oils or all-natural essential oils?

Keep in mind:

  • Synthetic Fragrance oils = Artificial = NOT NATURAL 
  • Essential oils = 100% NATURAL

100 % natural candle scent made of essential oils

Fragrance oils are a lot cheaper than natural essential oils, hence they are widely used in candles. 

Fragrance oils also offer a lot more variety in terms of the scent whereas essential oils have a limit because not every plant in the world can be used for making oils.

However, by blending different essential oils you can still create a lot of interesting scents that not only smell fabulous but also provide mood-inducing effects which can never be achieved with fragrance oils. 

Nasty Additives

Synthetic additives in candles
Photo by Harlie Raethel on Unsplash

Expertly blended candles don't need any additives to achieve a great scent - it's as simple as that. Some companies add synthetic additives for intensifying the scent in order to use less fragrance and therefore reduce the candle ingredient cost. 

In addition, there are candles with different colours but for a non-toxic candle you should always go for one that hasn't been dyed. Natural vegetable wax based candles are usually white/creamy colour.


Pay attention to the wick used as some candles still use wicks containing lead which is very dangerouse to your health. Go for one with cotton or wood wick.

Hope this simple guideline helps you to choose the natural non-toxic candle for your home. 

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What is a 100% natural candle