The all natural candle collection overview

At Lagom Essence we handcraft 100% natural aromatherapy candles that either help you wake up in the morning (ENERGY), uplift your mood during the day (HAPPY) or calm your senses in the evening (CALM)... think the clues are in the names :)

If you are not sure which therapy category you prefer, yet from experience know the scent type you are most drawn to then here is a quick overview of our collection:






Calm #1

Soft Floral


Calm #2

Sweet Earthy

Calm #3


Dry Woody

Energy #5

coming soon

Energy #6

Fresh Eucalyptus


Happy #7




Sweet Woody

Happy #8

Fresh citrus




We have tried to encapsulate scents from each part of the fragrance wheel as we would like everyone to find the ONE that works the best when scenting the home using all natural plant based essences. 

The Lagom Calm Range

The Calm Essence #1 is our sleepiest blends with sleep enhancing properties of lavender and chamomile. It’s ideal to burn the candle for an hour before bed time to create a sleepy atmosphere in your bedroom. As the burn time for a 150gram candle is up to 35hrs, burning the candle one hour a day would make it last for a month.

The Calm Essence #3 is a cocktail of woodsy scents and therefore perhaps more masculine compared to Calm #2 which is more unisex including both woodsy and exotic floral essential oils. Calm Essence #2 is made of two of the most aphrodisiac essential oils (ylang-ylang and patchouli), making the scent suitable in rooms where you want to create soft energy.

The Lagom Energy Range

We created the energy range because a lot of us struggle to get enough sleep and therefore lack in energy during the day. 

The Energy Essence #6 includes mind clearing Eucalyptus oil, which is ideal when you need to focus your mind on complicated tasks. Ideal in your home office or for students doing their schoolwork.

The energy range candles also work well in your kitchen in order to banish any cooking smells.

The Lagom Happy Range

Happy Essence #7 is the perfect warming winter blend, yet  Happy Essence #8 is a mixture of citrus and floral essential oils. Citrus oils have excellent uplifting properties and work well when combined with floral essential oils.

The Happy Blend candles are suitable whenever you need to boost your mood, but perhaps not best to use these candles before bed time because they are more energising than calming.

We hope the above descriptions help in making up your mind and you will find the scent you like from our 100% natural candle range.

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