Lagom Lifestyle – make 2019 the year of balance

What is Lagom?

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount” which makes the perfect moto of your approach to life in 2019.

Lagom is definitely not a minimalistic way of thinking nor is it about overconsumption. Instead, it is about having everything in the perfect amount without making you seem greedy.

In the following and upcoming posts, we will share how to apply Lagom way of thinking in your life in order to make 2019 easier, healthier, more enjoyable and less expensive for you.

Lagom Lifestyle 2019 year of balance

WORK: Strike a better work & rest balance

We know this one is easier said than done but setting boundaries in order to get out of the 50+ hours per work week cycle is probably the best thing you could do to your mind and body.

Try to find a middle ground where you are able to recharge yourself every day using simple cost-effective methods. Whether it is having a quick gym session / run during lunch hour; taking a hot bath at the end of the day or simply ensuring you are taking a five minute break every hour (this one we can all do) – 2019 is the year where you will consciously look after yourself every day rather than at weekends only.

Lagom Essence healthy lifestyle

HOME: Declutter your place

Having a cluttered home can be stressful, as you need to spend more time dusting and tidying your possessions. Have a look around each room to see which accessories you really love and need and which ones just add more ‘visual noise’. Be pragmatic and play around until you keep the classic items, which stand the test of time.

Be sure to take your unwanted items to a charity shop as they can find a new home elsewhere.

Declutter your home in lagom way

Once you have cleansed your home, scent the rooms with aromatic candles that will help to boost your wellbeing. Select them carefully as a lot of them are made of oil based petroleum and synthetic fragrances, which only add to your home pollution. Look for non-toxic candles which are made of sustainable vegetable wax and natural essential oils as these keep the air chemical-free. Our guide on ‘How to buy non-toxic candles’ should help you here.

FOOD: Support local British produce

[With Brexit in mind…] We can all do a bit more by supporting local farmers and producers. When you are doing your next food shop, check the labels and whenever possible support British produce. Not only will you help the local economy, you will also cut out the extra CO2 emissions that occur when importing products from other countries. We love Abel & Cole as they make supporting local easy – try them out and in turn, you can be sure you are doing your bit, save time from shopping and eat mostly organic too.

BEAUTY: Use more natural and sustainable goods

Be more inquisitive about the ingredients in your household and beauty products as there are so many where you really do not need the parabens and harsh chemicals. Often you can achieve the same or even better results with natural alternatives.

To get you started, visit Pure Natural Box who offer luxury boxes containing natural products for only £25 (RRP £50-£70+) and you will discover new natural and local boutique brands at a reduced cost.

We can go on about Lagom for hours since there are so many ways you can apply the balanced and sustainable lifestyle. We hope that as a start the few top-level ideas will inspire and motivate you to start applying the ‘I have done my best’ mind-set in 2019.

Happy New Balanced Year!

Lagom Lifestyle - make 2019 the year of balance