How to make your candles last longer


There are simple ways how you can make your candle last longer, just follow these easy tips: 

  1. Each time you light your candle let it burn for a min of two hours and maximum of four hours so that the whole top has liquified. This helps in avoiding tunnelling and you are using up every inch of the wax. This tip is less relevant with candles made of vegetable wax as the nature of the wax is to slide and drop in later, therefore there is no issue if the natural candle doesn't achieve a full melt pool during first burn. 
  2. How to make your natural candle last longer


  3. Keep wicks trimmed to around ¼ inch (½ cm) to keep the flame small and therefore using less wax during each burn.
  4. For safety reasons do not burn the candle for more than four hours, especially as the therapeutic effect of the aromatherapy candle will not enhance when you burn the candle any longer. After four hours of burn extinguish the candle, cool for two hours minimum and trim the wick before relighting 
  5. Buy candles made of slow burning vegetable wax as they will naturally burn for longer. Just like with fast fashion, buying better really does go further.

Buy less buy better natural candles

At Lagom Essence we are passionate about creating candles with no artificial ingredients at all and have therefore opted for 100% natural vegetable wax which is more sustainable compared to commonly used petroleum based paraffin wax

Besides being eco, vegetable wax lasts longer. For instance our 20cl aromatherapy candles burn for upto 35hrs. 

These are simple but essential tips in making the most of your candle and reducing unnecessary wax waste. We hope you found them useful ;-)

Lagom Essence Team x

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How To Make Your Candles Last Longer