Excessive packaging should be made illegal

As selling our candles online is a big part of our business, we have made a conscious effort in being eco-friendly in our packaging without compromising on quality.

Here are some ways we are trying to make a difference.


Lagom Essence Recycled Natural Packaging

We are sure you have noticed that most online retailers package their products in a nicely branded box, which is then packed in another mailing box. That is fine for fragile deliveries or goods that are used as gifts, but in most cases it is simply unnecessary and wasteful.

At Lagom Essence, we are using just a single, yet more rigid box, which does not require any additional outer box. We would only include additional recycled wrapping if the order is a gift - just confirm this during check-out and we will make sure to protect the box for gifting.

Ultimately, we want our customers to be more aware and have the option of choosing the amount of packaging they want/need and together help in reducing unnecessary waste.


In addition to reducing packaging, we use recycled packaging, which we believe looks rather slick and trendy!

In fact using only recycled material should be the norm for any mailing box. If it were up to us, we would make it the legal requirement across the globe.

Lagom Recycled Kraft Packaging


We are closely working with our UK based suppliers in order to create right-size packaging for our products. This way for the standard orders we do not have to overuse fillers that always end up in a bin anyway. We wrap the candles in a tissue paper (recycled of course), which is then fit in the right-sized box.

Only for non-standard orders, where we do not have a suitably matched box, we may need to use fillers. Nevertheless, you can always be sure it is eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly lagom packagin using crinkle paper

We cannot completely remove the packaging because ultimately it is needed to protect the product. However, we can certainly be mindful of how much and what type of packaging we use as it is an investment in a better world. 

And we want to be making better candles in a better world for a long time to come.