4 ways of creating a Lagom Lifestyle Home

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount”. It is definitely not a minimalistic way of thinking nor is it about over consumption. Instead, it is about having the perfect work/life, save/spend, and resist/indulge balance.

Here are a few ways of bringing more lagom lifestyle to your home.

1. Timeless interior

Although the terminology comes from Sweden, it does not mean that you need to decorate your home in skandi style. In UK, Lagom home can follow the principles of decorating your home with muted tones for a calm ambience; and classic high-quality new or recycled items that stand the test of time.

The whole idea is to be sustainable, eliminate waste and reduce the amount of furniture and accessories people throw away each year.

We think @living_with_jen does it well. Her interior is inspired by Scandinavian Design with a British twist. A very calming home we love!

Lagom lifestyle home interior

Also worth taking inspiration from a Lagom home @tracey_interior

Her home has clearly selected classic pieces that add value and have a visual appeal, without adding too much clutter. 

Lagom lifestyle home from Tracey


2. Banish clutter

There is no place for clutter in a lagom home.

Clutter attracts more clutter and is stressful, especially as you need to spend more time dusting and tidying your belongings.

Have a look around your house to see which accessories you really need and which ones you can give away to friends or charity. Be pragmatic and play around until you simplify your home for a calm look, such as this Lagom lifestyle home from Carly

Lagom lifestyle home with no clutter

3. Stop hoarding stuff

Lagom home is a living space, not a storage space.

The items in your home should be beautiful and practical at the same time.

As such, always ask yourself if the item you want to buy adds value to your home. If not then save the money for travel instead - the memories from your trips make you richer.

See @anne_iiris

No hoarding lagom lifestyle

4. Bring nature indoors

Lagom home appreciates nature so to finish off inject some plants in your rooms. Not only do they look great, there are several ones, which clean air

We especially love aloe vera as it is so multi-functional. Keep one in bathroom to use for a quick & natural facial and another one in kitchen to cover an accidental skin burn.

No one brings nature indoors better than @sonja_ols

Lagom lifestyle natural home


Last, but not least - lagom home is of course scented with 100% natural fragrances and that is why we are passionate about creating plant based aromatherapy candles. They are more sustainable and have the benefit of aromatherapy, creating an ambience that eases your mind into a calm & happy state.

Natural aromatherapy candle

Calm interior attracts calm mind – and that is the goal of a lagom home.

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